Pre-Owned Sales Consultant

Hi, I'm Bill Eagle

A long time ago I got into the car business and I stayed. I love cars and I've made cars my career, my hobby and my passion.  Throughout the years my hard work has brought me the good fortune to be a salesman several times over, and a Manager.  I even owned a Dodge dealership for 14 years and then sold it.
I've built many custom street rods for fun. I found my place with cars a long time ago and it's been a good place.
I've always treated people the way that I would want to be treated, and so, my respect for them brought me good customers time and again over the years.
Now I work because it makes me feel whole. Not because I need to press hard to make a good living.  I do it now because it makes me feel good to fulfill a productive day, and help my customers feel good about working with me; and with DCH. I still feel wonderful when I see the joy on a customer's face when they have the comfort in their purchase and confidence in me.
I love representing Honda cars.  They are made with a commitment to technology, safety and reliability
that make them such standouts.  I feel good about working here at DCH Honda of Nanuet to show them to people in the Rockland County community.

It's nice to have the chance to meet you.

- Bill Eagle

My Hours:   Monday: 12noon to 8pm
Wednesday: 11am to 8pm
Thursday:9am to 8pm
Friday:9am to 6pm
Saturday:8:30am to 6pm

All About Me

My Background

  • I am:
  • I've been married 47 years.
  • Children:
  • I have two married sons, and two grandsons.
  • My pets are:
  • We have a grey parrot, named Chuck. He speaks very well.
  • I speak:
  • Only English
  • My hometown is:
  • I'm from Brooklyn, NY and Freeport, Long Island, NY
  • Now I reside in:
  • I live in Rockland County now.
  • My Alma Mater:
  • I had one year of college before I entered the military.
  • Years at DCH Honda of Nanuet:
  •   Even though I've been here at Honda of Nanuet for only one year, i've been in the car business sonce 1968.
  • My sign is:
  • Cancer

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    Family & Things I Like

  • My hobbies are:
  • I'm a fabricator - I build high-end street rods. Custom cars.
  • Favorite shows or movies:
  • Just the News
  • My brothers/sisters:
  • I have a brother and sister
  • My Favorite Holiday:
  • Christmas
  • My Favorite Foods:
  • I like everything! Seafood, Barbeque, Chinese

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    Cars, Hondas and DCH

  • What I Like Best About Honda:
  • Oh, these Honda's, they're very good cars.
  • I Love This Work Because:
  • I'm a "car guy" - I love cars - This isn't work... its fun. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.
  • My Favorite Thing About DCH Honda of Nanuet:
  • Here at DCH, they're good people - they do things the right way, and I know what the right way is.
  • My Favorite Honda Model:
  • Accord
  • Past positions:
  • I've been a Salesman, a Sales Manager, in 1971 I hocked everything and bought a Dodge dealership I owned and ran for 14 years and then sold.

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    Advice for My Customers

  • My Favorite Part of Working with Customers at DCH Honda of Nanuet:
  • I am excited to be showing customers these beautiful products.
  • The Most Important Thing A Car Buyer Should Decide is:
  • The most important thing - I think - is where to buy their car. People should feel good about their dealership.
  • Customers Love My Suggestions About:
  • I lay it all out for them... all the information... so they can decide whats best for them.
  • The Best Thing About Working with Me at DCH Honda of Nanuet is:
  • I'm honest, and knowledgeable. I tell truth. It's how I live. It's how I do business.
  • What is Means to be a Professional:
  • To be a Professional means to always to the right thing. I come from very humble beginnings... its so I know how important it is to respect ALL people.

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    "At DCH Honda of Nanuet delivering customer happiness is what we do every single day. Stop by and let us help deliver your customer happiness too!"

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